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Hog Roast In Bootle


Hog Roast & BBQ In Tandem In Formby


Antipasto & Hog Roast In Huyton


An Hog Roast Event In Wallesy


Antipasto In Leeds


Hog Roast In St Helens

Why us?

We have every certificate to operate. Registered with the Nation Food Association. Full liability insurance and are registered with the local borough obtaining the maximum 5 star rating. We provide the best hog roast experience in not just Liverpool but the UK. We are not a franchise. We are a family run business.

15+ Years of experience

We have evolved over 15 years. Always changing the way we do things and never afraid to change suppliers should standards drop. We never settle, always challenging and changing things to bring you the best hog roast in and around Liverpool.

Passion-driven, dedicated team

It is not just the boys and girls in the office who decide on our direction. The chefs who actually do the hog roasts have a great amount of input. Together we are constantly changing for the better. Never accepting the previous hog roast as our standard.

“… Continually evolving our company to make sure we stay ahead of the game. Perfection is what counts …”

Christine woods